Gibson Hotel Management Recommends Real-Time Construction

In my role as President and Chief Operating Officer for Gibson Hotel Management and Development I’ve had the pleasure of working with Terry Lewis and Real Time Construction for the past several years.

Whether it’s a new construction project, a renovation or a repair and maintenance project I’ve always been able to depend on excellent service and quality performance.

Terry Lewis and Real Time Construction has saved our company hundreds of thousands of dollars in value engineering and problem solving special projects with electrical, mechanical, HVAC  and general repairs and maintenance issues.

With over 20 hotel locations in 4 states we have our share of emergency situations that arise from hail storms and floods, to lightning strikes and fires. I can always count on Terry and Real Time Construction to be the early responders in these circumstances.  From personal experience I can attest that if is a water main break at 2am Terry will take the call and dispatch a team of professionals.

Also, Real Time Construction conducts a complete Facility Inspection upon request with photos, recommendations, and suggested best practices for preventative maintenance and  energy savings. These report are extremely valuable to our lenders, investors, franchisers and clients.

I can highly recommend this organization and would be happy to provide additional  information upon request.


Robert L. Webster II
PRESIDENT, Chief Operating Officer
Gibson Hotel Management & Development, inc.
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